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Looking for Clients

When seeking children to provide care for, try some or all of the following:


  •  Check parent ads in local newspapers, community newspapers, and notices posted on bulletin boards. Place your own ads in papers.
  •  Design an attractive flyer with all pertinent data. Distribute your flyer to libraries, community centres, playgroups and supermarkets.
  •  Contact personnel in local churches, employment centres, businesses, hospitals, pediatricians’ offices and medical clinics.  Call the La Leche League, the Welcome Wagon, the Block Parent Association, the Public Health Unit (they make post-natal visits), and Canada Employment Centre to see if they will keep your name on file or post your flyers.
  •  Contact office staff at local schools to see if they know of parents seeking care or if they keep a list of caregivers. Let friends, relatives and neighbours know you are providing care and ask them to pass the word around.
  •  Distribute your flyers to moms at the local park. If they don't have children needing care, they may know of someone who does. Put flyers on windshields of cars with car seats in nearby shopping centre parking lots. Have a teenager distribute your flyers in his/her newspaper rounds.
  •  Also, have attractive business cards made to distribute on the spot from your purse. Develop a name for your day care home, for example: "Pooh Corner", "Kid's Den", or "Little Log Cabin Home Day Care".
  • Attend Child Care Connection meetings if there is one in your area.
  • Develop your own website.
  • Advertise online – see our list of “Useful Links”


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