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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register or can I just show up at an event?

 Everyone must register prior to the event.


How do I register?

 We have 2 ways to register. 

1)  Via website.

2) Via telephone message - 613-749-5211 ext 24

***Please note that priority will be given to registrations made on-line.


Who do I register?

You register every person who will be attending the event.  This includes all adults, children who will be participating in the event, and children who will be present but not participating.


How many children can I register?

All caregivers are expected to follow Ontario legislation. Please see Ministry Guidelines.

Please note – priority is given to Ontario caregivers as CCPRN receives Ontario Early Years funding.  Quebec caregivers are encouraged to register – however, should we have a waiting list (preventing Ontario caregivers access to a program) the Quebec caregivers will be notified and their registration will be cancelled/refunded.


When can I register for the events?

 There is always a registration start date and time for the children’s events.  This is to ensure that every caregiver has had the chance to browse the newsletter and decide which events s/he would like to register for. This registration date and time can be found on the Calendar of Events.


Is there a fee for the events?

 Yes, all programs have a Member (adult membership) and Non-Member fee. Fees are listed on the Calendar of Events and can be seen when you register.


Is there a charge for the adult?

Ocassionally. It will be listed on the Calendar of Events.


Can I cancel my registration?

 You can cancel your registration by calling the office or by sending us an email to


What if the event I want is full?

 When an event is full, a waiting list is formed. You will receive a pop-up message saying that you have been placed on a waiting list. If there are enough people on the waiting list, it may be possible to open another day for this event – if this happens you will be contacted via e-mail or telephone.


Do I need to be a member to participate in children’s events?

 Anyone can participate in children’s events, however, everyone must register. To register, you must create an account on our website – it can be a “non-paying account”.


Are events offered in other languages than English?

 In some instances, facilitators may run the event in French and English.  In that case, it will be noted in the description of the event.  Events that are offered in French will be written in French and will be posted on the French website.


Can I leave the children at the event to run an errand?

Absolutely not. Children are the responsibility of the caregiver at all times.  Facilitators of children’s events are there to facilitate the program, not to take care of the children.


Can I suggest an event and/or location?

Certainly!  We try our best to find different, fun and affordable venues for caregivers and their children.  If you know of something that other caregivers and children would enjoy, pass it on to us.  As for locations, we would love to give the opportunity to all caregivers across the city to participate in events.  If you know of a location that a lot of caregivers can get to, send us the information and we will look into booking events at that location as well.


What happens when I get to the event?

You will be required to sign in when you arrive at the location of the event.  Once per year, we require every participant’s first name and last initial.  For subsequent visits/attendances you only need to add the names of new participants.



How do I know if the event is suitable for my children?

There is always a brief description of the event along with the age for which payment is expected.  For example: “The event is geared for children aged 2 years and up.”  In this case you would register and pay for the children who are of these ages, and register any children who are under the age in the specified area.



What happens if it rains during an outdoor event?

If it is pouring rain, the event is cancelled.  We will try our best to offer a rain date or a refund. 


What about winter weather?

If the school buses are cancelled due to bad weather, the event is also cancelled.  If possible you will receive a refund or an alternate date will be arranged. There may be some events for which this is not possible (i.e. if the entertainer/facilitator expects payment regardless of the weather conditions). 


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