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Information for Caregivers

CCPRN offers information, support, training and resources to individuals who offer child care in a home setting.  CCPRN is funded by the City of Ottawa.  

How do I become a member?
There are three ways to become a member:

  1. You can register on the website. 
  2. You can mail in your contact information (complete address, telephone number, and e-mail address (if applicable), as well as the languages you speak and the schools in your area).Then we will register you on the website.
  3. You can come in person and we will help set up your account.
  4. Membership is $50.00 for 2019 (from the time you register until Dec 31, 2019).
  5. You may create a free "account" - as in steps 1-3.


Click here to become a member.

What are the benefits?
CCPRN members have access to die cutters, a laminator, photocopiers and the resource library. Parents can search the database to find caregivers in their area. Many local merchants give discounts to CCPRN members. 

Do I need to become a member to take advantage of the resources/workshops/events?
Anyone can attend the workshops and children's events. Some of the resources are just available to members, and others have a Member/Non-member charge. Please call the office for more information.

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