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"The CCPRN has been like a life support for me and my daycare. There are absolutely no words to describe the gratefulness that I often feel for all the hard work and effort the staff at the CCPRN put into every workshop, resource material, and children’s event for me and the kids. I honestly cannot thank them enough for making my life easier every day when I wake up to teach the children in my care. They truly help me with my job! They are actually my favourite of all the Heroes in this daycare world. I am proud of the work and support they provide for independent caregivers. Hats off to all you ladies, for the wonderful work you have done over the years, you should all take a bow. You all deserve it. Love you all!!!!"

Calvary Day Care


"Love your site! We have found so many useful resources to help us help our children!"

Michelyn Maloney,R.E.C.E.


"The CCPRN is an essential organization for the home child care world. More than a resource centre for crafts and activities, it is a support system that connects home child providers from a myriad of backgrounds in order to promote friendship, mentorship and a strong professional identity. The CCPRN also provides an abundance of affordable training opportunities for child care providers who may otherwise have no means of learning the latest in Ministry expectations, laws, guidelines and Early Childhood practices such as the ELECT document. I personally hope to see the CCPRN continue it's excellent work for years to come."

Gwenaelle Salaun


"Grâce a trois employées dévouées ,passionnées et compétentes,CCPRN me soutient ,m'encourage et m'inspire depuis plus de 15 ans , dans mon travail de travailleur autonome comme opératrice indépendante d'une garderie en milieu familial.Les ateliers professionnels sur le secourisme ,la sécurité,la programmation ...etc Depuis plus de 15 nas je compte sur CCPRN pour continuer mon éducation continue dnas le domaine de la petite enfance .En tant que francophone en charge de 5 petits francophones ,j'y trouvedes évenements en français pour les petits et des ressources pour moi-même et les parents .De plus CCPRN me tient au courant de la loi sur les gardereis ,de la réorganisation de cette même loi .CCPRN représente et se bat du mieux possible pour nos intérets aisin que ceux des enfants que nous contribuons a éduquer en toute sécurité et avec amour . Toue ma gratitude nevers les memebres du CCPRN .mes collegues bénévoles qui contribuent au jour le jour ou occasionnellement au CCPRN ."

Betsy Mann


"Over the last 10 years, I have had the privilege of meeting many independent home child care providers who have attended the workshops I have given for the Child Care Providers Resource Network. I have been struck by their high level of professionalism in their chosen field. Thanks to the CCPRN, providers have opportunities to reflect on and improve their practice and are able to meet to share knowledge and strategies with colleagues. In particular, I have several times delivered a course on enhancing resiliency skills in adults and children. I have been uniformly impressed with the dedication of the women who, after working a 10-hour day, have given up six evenings to learn how to improve children's lives, in the short and long term. The work of the CCPRN offers care providers essential resources and support to maintain and improve the quality of small-group, home-based care, an option that many parents prefer for their young children."



"I just wanted to share that tonight’s workshop on home safety was very well done! Practical and realistic with a risk management approach. I also liked that critical points were referenced with a source. She recognized that there is no single way to approaching all scenarios. I was very pleased and it helped me fill in a number of outstanding questions I have before opening my own home daycare."

Michelle Nurse, RECE


"It is very important to advocate for high quality child care, and CCPRN does just that."

Lloyd Cowin, E.D. Roger's House


"Thank you for sharing your resources and your support of Roger's House. You are helping make Roger's House look so bright and beautiful."

Terry Nhem


"Purchased an amazing glove puppet/rhyme resource kit while at a training at CCPRN this past weekend and the daycare kids and I just love it! Its helping me teach them about the seasons/holidays, taking turns, counting and much more! With 2 young kids of my own I don't have a lot of extra time to make these resources myself and the prices at CCPRN are beyond reasonable! I will be able to use this kit all year long :) Thanks a million!"

Lisa Walker


"The CCPRN is a great organization supporting wonderful home daycare providers. Our provider Brenda has always been fantastic. My son was blessed to become part of her daycare family and her influence on his early years helped him become the loving and confident young man he is today. Keep up the great work!"

J. Fontaine, Parent Resource Centre


"Just checking out your website - great!"

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