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About Us

The Child Care Providers Resource Network of Ottawa-Carleton, is a non-profit, charitable organization committed to providing support, information, training and resources to individuals who offer child care in a home setting.


  • Workshops
  • Children's events
  • Access to clients via our website and Child Care Connection Meetings
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  • District social events/gatherings
  • Weekly emails  (arts, crafts, themes, business, activity ideas etc.)
  • Discounts at local merchants and children’s venues

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President: Brenda Burns

Vice Presidents: Marion Butlin and Deb Keedwell

Treasurer: Andrea Gingras

Secretary: Marion Butlin

Chair:  Danielle Fox



For more information or to contact any of the above please email our Executive Director: Doreen Cowin at


Historic Chronology — Development of CCPRN 

During the 80’s and early 90’s there existed two funded home child care provider groups in Ottawa; the Ottawa-Carleton In-Home Child Care Providers Association (CCPA) and the Independent Child Caregiver’s Association (ICCA).   Both associations were built on a peer mentoring model – to support independent professional caregivers. 

The two associations amalgamated in February 1998 and became Child Care Providers Resource Network of Ottawa-Carleton (CCPRN). This amalgamation resulted in a unified voice for home child care, cost efficiencies, and a wider range of services. 

The CCPRN of today is the result of over 30 years of many hands, volunteers and staff, working diligently at supporting quality home child care. 

1981:  Ottawa Carleton In-Home Child Care Providers Association (CCPA) was formed, with 12 members who met through a Home Child Care Providers course, initiated by Lee Dunster. 

1983: Independent Child Care Association (ICCA) was initiated with the support of Heather Black and Anne Campbell from Mothercraft. ICCA was officially founded by Donna MacKinnon and Susan Howe from Children’s Village. 

1984:  CCPA received ongoing funding from the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  CCPA offered the following supports:start-up kits, start-up sessions, workshops, caregiver warm line, newsletters and neighbourhood networks.  

1984: ICCA established a playgroup for “caregivers” with a funded coordinator. This playgroup continued to run for over 20 years. 

1987: ICCA received funding from the Ministry of Community and Social Services to further develop programs for independent professional caregivers (an annual caregiver conference,  newsletter, children’s outings and caregiver training). 

1989:  CCPA: A Caregiver’s Guide to Home Child Care was published in English. Eventually a  French version was published.  These books were distributed nationally (they are presently out of print). 

1989-1990: ICCA assisted with the Who Cares? report. This study involved over 700 home child care providers across Ontario and printed materials became available for both caregivers and parents (contracts, tax information…). 

1989 and 1991: ICCA was invited to present at the International Family Day Care conferences in San Francisco, USA and in Manley, Australia. 

1990:  Caring for Young Children a 5 part video series with TV Ontario was made with the direct participation of CCPA caregivers.   

1991: Ontario Network of Home Child Care Provider Groups (ONET) was formed.  A series of conferences called Caring ‘Cross Ontario was offered in several Ontario cities, with workshops for caregivers facilitated by CCPA Members. 

1993: ICCA: Child Care Connection meetings were initiated across the City (opportunity for parents needing care to meet with caregivers searching for client families). 

1997: The booklet Making a Good Fit was developed in coordination with Child Care Information, CCPA and ICCA. It is now available on our website. 

1998:  CCPA and ICCA amalgamated to form CCPRN. 

2002: CCPRN became part of the Ontario Early Years system – specifically a Citywide service. Funding changed to 80% from the Province of Ontario and 20% from the City of Ottawa. The City became the new administrator of CCPRN funds. 

2003: Members of CCPRN were invited to sit on the Home Child Care Task Force for the City of Ottawa. One of the results of this Task Force was the development of Home Child Care Training Ottawa – a training for home child care providers (based on the National Family Child Care Training Program which had been spearheaded by Lee Dunster). 

2005:  Official Home Child Care Providers Day was proclaimed by Mayor Bob Chiarelli 

2006:  CCPRN celebrated 25 years of serving home child care providers. 

2012: Long time CCPRN volunteer and past President, Andrea Gingras, was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her significant and sustained commitment to caregiving, caregivers, children and their families.

2014: 2 members of CCPRN presented at Queen’s Park regarding Bill 143.

2014 – 2016: CCPRN participated in the Home Child Care Advisory Table. Meetings were led by the Ministry of Education and attended by various Ministry officials, Licensed Home Child Care Agencies, CICPO representatives, as well as the ED and a Board member from CCPRN. CICPO and CCPRN worked towards dropping the cap of advisors to caregivers – thus allowing new models of licensed care delivery. We were successful in having the cap dropped in Phase 2 of the regulations.

2014 – present: CCPRN  participated in the Early Years Advisory Group assisting with the development of regulations for CCEYA, 2014.

At present CCPRN  is a part of the Minister's Early Years Advisory Committee and the Home Child Care Cross Sector Reference Group. Both committees meet in Toronto several times a year and are comprised of many Ministry staff, child care delegates from around the province and often the Minister responsible for Early Years and Child Care - Minister Indira Naidoo-Harris


We are governed by an active, vibrant Board of Directors. Andrea Gingras, our past President, was recently awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her significant and sustained commitment to caregiving, caregivers, children and their families. Here is a note from Andrea to our members:

CCPRN’s success is a testament to the many dedicated home child care providers who over the past three decades elevated our status to professional independent business owner.  I am proud to be a small part of its evolution.

Sadly it stands alone as a caregiver driven, home child care focused organization in Ontario and Canada.  As we boast of our success, we wonder why there is not more.  Child care is changing in our province so it is imperative to voice, collectively and individually, our support for our fellow providers.

Standing anxiously waiting to receive the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal on the floor of the House of Commons, I realized this honour was not mine alone but must be shared with all of you.

My thanks to President Brenda Burns and her Board of Directors, Executive Director Doreen Cowin and her staff for their support and implementation of our shared vision for home child care.  It was my privilege to meet and work with many committed providers over the past 28 years both within CCPRN and in my neighbourhood.

I know in my heart there is no better place for young children requiring care than a safe quality home child care environment filled with fun, laughter and hugs. As we open our door each morning to welcome a family into our homes we intuitively know our focus is to support and enhance a young child’s development.

Today I am blessed to focus my care on my grandchildren.

Wishing you all the best,



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